IPTAR Candidates Organization

Fundraiser Challenge

IPTAR Candidates Organization invites you to join a 5K Run/Walk/Bike, between November 17th and December 20th 2020—a fundraiser challenge with the goal of helping fund another year of making ROOM: A Sketchbook for Analytic Action.

To register and participate in this community action donate what you can, starting from $25 or more, and personalize your motto: “I (Run/Bike/Walk) for ROOM because _____.

ROOM is made through involvement, commitment, and participation. By inviting colleagues, friends, and family to support your personal action you will add exponential energy to our fundraising initiative.

Whatever your level of fitness, you can make the 5K your own style and share it with the community to inspire others. The process to register is fast, easy, and secure. Please send this page to all friends you think might be interested in contributing.

After you register, we will send you an email with some guidelines, tips, and invitations to our social media pages so you can keep track of everyone helping ROOM run another year! We will all be physically apart but we are still in this together!


Challenge Steps:

  1. Register on your own
  2. Run/Bike/Walk your virtual 5K between November 17th and December 20th 2020
  3. Take a photo during your activity and send it to us using button #2 below
    or via development@analytic-room.com
  4. Get a few friends to join the challenge
  5. Share your motto and photo via social media or your email lists
  6. Participants with donations over $100 will be highlighted in our February issue 2021
  7. Participants with donations over $200 will receive fun and inspiring surprises after the challenge closes!

This is the first step

 Challenge completed?

Artwork by MPetrovskaya /Shutterstock.com
We, the Candidate Organization Run for ROOM because as analysts in the making we believe in expanding our spaces:
  • because this is a ROOM we understand and wish to nourish as we continue to believe in the values of our psychoanalytic training.
  • because the wonders of psychoanalysis lie in the psychic rooms we create both for ourselves and for our patients.
  • because without ROOM, how can we stand up to protect the infinite spaces psychoanalysis gifts us at every point in our work?
The IPTAR Candidates Organization believes ROOM: A Sketchbook for Psychoanalytic Action creates a platform for psychoanalytic experimental, personal, and creative writing. “ROOM gives us a new place to learn from others and it extends our psychoanalytic training into the arena of social community building. As a powerful media, ROOM connects individuals from different places all around the world and creates a more diverse expression of our internal and external experiences.”
—Notes from the Candidates Organization meeting.

Feeling lazy?

Each donation helps us continue to make Room possible. No amount is too small; everything is deeply appreciated and needed.