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Francesca Schwartz

I am interested in the word, the image, the symbol. I am in love with bone. I am fascinated with the body and the end. The body is an impermanent landscape which we cannot truly know until we have also…

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Grace Bakst Wapner

Grace Bakst Wapner’s work with urethane or satin, clay or bronze, chiffon or pipe cleaners in an interactive dialogue between material and object has been determinative in her process. In the early 1970s she erected walls and barriers constructed from satin…

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Deborah Dancy

Deborah Dancy is a multimedia abstract artist whose paintings, drawings, digital photography, and small sculptures play with the shifting intersection between abstraction and representation. Her many awards include a Guggenheim Fellow, a Yaddo Fellow, the American Antiquarian Society William Randolph…

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Art ©Lia Dostlieva

Lia Dostlieva

Lia Dostlieva (Лія Достлєва) is an artist, cultural anthropologist, and essayist, born in 1984, in Donetsk, Ukraine. She is the recipient of several scholarships, including the Gaude Polonia Scholarship Programme for a Foreign Cultural Professional and a Visiting Fellowship for…

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Art Construction 6 ©Liliana Zavaleta

Liliana Zavaleta

Liliana Zavaleta is a visual artist who was born in Lima, Perú. She grew up in the United States and has lived and studied in Europe, the Near East, and South America. Zavaleta obtained her university degrees in French and…

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Art Absolute Silence ©Kelin Perry

Kelin Perry

Kelin Perry is an artist and architect born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from SCI-Arc in 1979 and has since practiced architecture in Atlanta, Georgia, where she currently lives. Perry’s art centers on found…

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Art © Jacqueline Shatz


Jacqueline Shatz’s work has been included in exhibitions at the June Kelly, Monique Knowlton, and Kouros galleries in New York City, and she has curated and organized many exhibitions, including CollageLogic which was last presented in 2012 at Hampden Gallery…

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Art © Gjertrud Hals

THE NET by Gjertrud Hals

I was born in 1948, on Finnøy, an island with two hundred inhabitants. My family was living close to the factory where my father and grandfather were mechanics, making and installing engines for the fishing boats. During my childhood, there…

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Art patrick-perkins-rAtADOlvcos-unsplash


The songs comprising my October 2020 release, Ghosts of Our Former Selves, including the two presented here, were deliberately composed in a confessional mode. They form a forty-minute sonic memoir that draws on everything I have spent my six-plus decades…

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Art © Linda Louis

FAMLY OF HUMANS by Linda Louis

Famly of Humans seeks to illustrate how we all are equal, regardless of the color of our skin or the shape of our features. It begs acceptance of the idea that tolerance and respect without judgment can exist. By presenting…

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Art © Susan Luss

IN THE TIME OF NOW by Susan Luss

For a long time, I have used my body in creation of my work. The landscapes/maps on canvas are distillations of my urban wanderings, both physical and psychological. The emergence of these public performances—I’ll call them “urban en plein air…

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Art © Enrique Enriquez

A BIRD by Enrique Enriquez

It is important to make the distinction between the languages ​​of contemplation and those of action. The language of the birds is a contemplative language. It delivers its messages directly, the meaning of which disappears, it ceases to be understood,…

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Art Juan Pablo Valdivieso artwork Bloom

BLOOM by Juan Pablo Valdivieso

These abstract worlds are composed of undulations and vibrations that I define as beings. The cosmic forces that come together in the scenes find their impulse in the decomposition of modern dualism, in contemporary ways of relating to the world,…

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Art © Sophie Sandberg. Temporary graffiti made with chalk by Sophie Sandberg in New York City for the art street action @Catcallofnyc to stop harassment

CATCALLS OF NYC by Sophie Sandberg

Catcalls of NYC is a grassroots initiative and collective that uses public chalk art to raise awareness about gender-based street harassment. We solicit stories of harassment and their locations in New York City. Then, we go to those locations, write…

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