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Essays Photography by James McNellis. March for Life, Washington, DC.

IN GOOD FAITH by Elizabeth Evert

Yes, there was a blue wave in November 2018, but many of the races were achingly close. Even factoring in the distortions of gerrymandering, the country is torn. As a liberal New York psychoanalyst who has spent time in Christian…

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Essays Photo by Alisdare Hickson

IMAGINING THE OTHER by Kerry Leddy Malawista

In all obvious ways, I am not an outsider. I am not isolated from the majority by dint of my sexual orientation, skin color, class, religion, disability, or appearance— all the notable and painful ways one can become marginalized.

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Essays igor-rand-353395-unsplash

PLAYING FOR REAL by Eugene Mahon

Room’s definition of itself as a “sketchbook of psychoanalytic action” got me thinking: What is psychoanalytic action? Is it action informed by considerable analysis of all its components and determinants?

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Reviews IP Books

BOOK REVIEW by Richard B. Grose

Before I read this book, which I heard about not long after it was published in 2013, I thought it would turn out to be a worthy effort to apply psychoanalytic and interdisciplinary thinking to the nightmare subject of climate…

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Responses natalie-chaney-xhImiFZ-bQM-unsplash

Letters to Room: Stefanie Hofer

It has been over a year that I had sent you my piece “Playing with Guns” after attending a church Halloween Festival for children that had many games centered around toy guns. I am happy to report that Blacksburg Christian…

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THE LONGEST DAY by Eugene Mahon

Eugene Mahon, MD, is training and supervising psychoanalyst at Columbia Psychoanalytic Center for Training and Research. He has published three books—A Psychoanalytic Odyssey, Rensal the Redbit, and Boneshop of the Heart—and numerous articles on psychoanalysis. He practices in New York…

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Essays Photography by Jamal Jaheleen.

BURIED NECK DEEP by Lama Z. Khouri

Lately, a dream I had twelve years ago has been coming back to me. I dreamt that my four-year-old son (he’s sixteen now) was buried neck deep in the middle of a neighborhood and surrounded by modest houses…

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SOCCERSCAPES by Shelley Himmelstein

I paint to create a space “to be,” a space to reflect and connect me back to the physical world. My images spring when I pause to be “in the moment” and absorb where I am and what’s happening. When…

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Poems Photography by Karen Berntsen Elon, Israel 2016

MEMORIAL by Rachel Neve-Midbar

Rachel Neve-Midbar, MFA, is the author (under the name Heimowitz) of the chapbook What the Light Reveals (Tebot Bach Press, 2014). Her work has appeared in Crab Orchard Review, Spillway, Prairie Schooner, and Georgia Review. She was recently a finalist…

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